Chip’s Coin is the ultimate pleasure horse sire.

His foals, without exception, are quiet, easy-going, and tractable. They take things in stride, without getting excited.

Equally important, they are naturally gaited. Coin is a very loose, big-striding horse, and his offspring have his same natural walking gait—no paciness!

So if it’s a pleasure horse you want, Coin is the sire for your next trail horse.

What you see is a sensible, good-natured horse who does whatever you ask of him.

By Pride’s Gold Coin (one of the industry’s best-liked stallions) out of a World Champion plantation mare. Breeding does matter!

Here are three of his offspring. See for yourself!

NOTE: Coin’s Sunset Generator, a winning show horse, is also by Chip’s Coin.


  Fee: $300


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